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experts in supporting dairy farms and small companies

  • Best revenue
  • High quality
  • Right grasses (species)
  • Quality of products
  • Right composition
  • Value for money
  • Using bulls
  • Strong productive livestock
  • Which breeds
  • Gestation time management
  • Control of clean uterus after calving
  • General gestation control


Fryrus has proven to be successfull with providing the right expertise to a number of projects in Russia and Belarus. Supporting dairy farms with 100 up to 2.500+ cows.

Supplying Livestock

Fryrus has the best connection for supplying a high quality livestock.

Our market

Countries we support

Our main focus

Fryrus’ main focus is to support and advice dairys within Russia and Belarus. Why? Due to earlier experiences and succesfull assigments we feel affinity with those countries. The culture appeals to us and we note that the demand for support and advice is rising. This doesn’t mean we don’t support surrounding countrys. Feel free to contact us and we let you know how we may be able to help you.

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About Fryrus

Who we are & what we do

A brief introduction

Jan Breeuwsma is the founder of Fryrus. He runs a farm in the province of Friesland in the Netherlands with his son, where they provide a (still growing) production of more then two million liters of milk every year. After he noticed that there is a great need for foreign expertise in dairy farms abroad he started Fryrus by offered his expertise, with succes. Fryrus has made the initial contacts and has been asked more to provide their knowledge from that moment.


  • Providing expertise
  • Develop agrarian sector abroad
  • Optimize dairy production
  • Improve profit

Some facts of our farm in the Netherlands

dairy cows
lely robots
liters of milk
hectares of land
people running the farm


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Fryrus Dairy Management

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